Bringing quality designer accessories at affordable prices!

My business started like many other mommy made businesses start. I felt the pull to be home with my family rather than working late nights and missing out on all of the important little stuff. While I loved my job (working in a children's library), I love my family more. My three littles needed their mom. My husband needed his wife. The answer was simple, it was time to jump in with both feet.

I started making wristlet key fobs and offering them as fundraisers, doing local craft shows, the whole shebang. However, my business continued to expand as I started to add headbands and lanyards to the mix. The idea behind KT Quality Accessories is to be able to bring high quality designer items at affordable, everyday prices. Items that help women by simplifying their lives. Hair in your face while you're trying to get stuff done, throw on a headband. Shopping with the kids, your wristlet key fob gives you the ability to go hands free. I look forward to coming up with more products that help keep life simple. Be sure to check back often as I add new designs, many of which that will come in limited quantities. Happy shopping!

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